In Other News: HSE ICRT Experts Speak on Future Technologies

Experts of HSE International Centre for Research and Teaching have participated in a number of popular science broadcasts for Kommersant FM, Echo of Moscow, Sputnik (Russia Today) radio stations, Komsomolskaya Pravda-TV, and Vechernyaya Moskva-TV. Popular science articles were also published in business magazines like The Profile, Invest Foresight, and Russian Planet.

HSE ICRT Held Five Summer Internships for University Professors

HSE International Centre for Research and Training held five summer internships for university professors where they were able to take advanced training courses in teaching mathematics, programming, and theory of algorithms, as well as methods of teaching to engineering students.

Faculty of Computer Science Shares Experience

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Faculty of Computer Science does not relent and starts new projects as well as maintains the old ones. This spring, the Faculty and HSE International Centre for Research and Teaching started the advanced training courses “Methods and practice of Python programming teaching” and “Basics of machine learning for university professors”.

IT Specialists to Acquire Teaching Skills

Here we present the materials for the training of IT industry specialists with no teaching experience.

ICRT Representatives Give Popular Science Lectures

Professors and experts of HSE University under the aegis of HSE International Centre for Research and Teaching participate in the new online lecture hall of Komsomolskaya Pravda media holding.

Advanced Training for Tver’s Math Professors by HSE ICRT

HSE International Centre for Research and Teaching has organised and hosted an advanced training course “Mathematical logic, algorithmic problems, computational complexity”. The course was taught at the Department of Mathematics, Tver State University.

HSE ICRT Presentation at Sberbank Corporate University

Presentation took place at Sberbank Corporate University

Experience Exchange with Thailand Universities Delegation

The members of the delegation - thirty-three university professors - have visited HSE University’s Faculty of Mathematics.

HSE ICRT Holds Webinar at Maykop

HSE International Centre for Research and Teaching held a webinar at Maykop. Participants were the professors of Adyghe State University and Maykop State Technological University. The administration of ICPT talked about advanced training programmes, internships, and joint research opportunities.

HSE ICRT Seminar at Yaroslavl

International Centre for Research and Teaching held a seminar at Ushinsky Yaroslavl State University on January 29. More than fifty professors of six Yaroslavl universities participated in the seminar. Ilya Samonenko, head of HSE ICRT, talked about internships of the Centre, teaching materials that the Center publishes, and joint research opportunities.
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